Unravel the Latest Trends with Feathers Fine Custom Furnishings

Feathers Fine Custom Furnishings is a renowned name in the Australian furniture industry, specializing in Mediterranean furniture. As a locally owned and operated business, we pride ourselves in offering unique, handcrafted furnishings that bring a rustic, elegant charm to your home decor with their exotic Mediterranean appeal.

The Charm of Mediterranean Furniture

Every piece of furniture at Feathers is a testament of quality craftsmanship and dedication to art. Our catalogue comprises tables, chairs, armories, chests, and much more that are designed keeping the fascinating aspects of Mediterranean culture and style in mind. Using rich woods like walnut, chestnut and cypress – the hallmarks of Mediterranean Furniture- our artisans strive to reinstate the nostalgia associated with the beautiful region.

We understand that every space is unique and so are your furniture needs. Hence, Feathers Fine Custom Furnishings also offers custom furniture designs that cater to individual tastes and preferences. Bring your ideas to life with our expert craftsmen, who work closely with you to translate your vision into a reality.

Latest Trends in Custom Furnishing

Here at Feathers Fine Custom Furnishings, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest interior design trends, to provide you with pieces that are not only timeless but also in sync with contemporary tastes. Understanding that the modern homeowner appreciates a distinctive blend of style and function, our latest collection infuses versatile functionality with classic Mediterranean aesthetics.

Whether it’s a compact urban home or a sprawling villa, our assortment has something for everyone. We value the intersection of practicality and design, ensuring that while our furnishings make your space look grandeur, they also serve their intended functional purpose well.

Your Home, Your Sanctuary

In the current times, your home isn’t just a domicile; it’s your sanctuary, your workspace, and much more. Our furniture ensures to enhance your living experience, making it as comfortable and pleasing as possible. Allow Feathers Fine Custom Furnishings to help you create a space that’s truly yours, packed full of character, warmth, and a European touch that takes you on a Mediterranean journey right within your home.