DIY Tips On Preparing Your Home For The Coming Storm Season

Storm Xpert, a reputable roofing company located in Buffalo, NY, is committed to ensuring that homeowners are fully equipped to protect their homes during storm seasons. Preparing your home for the coming storm season is imperative to minimize damage.

Inspect Your Roof

Regular roof checkups are crucial in storm preparedness. Make sure your shingles are not loose or worn out, as they could be vulnerable to strong winds and heavy rains during a storm. If you spot any signs of damage, minor repairs can be done as a DIY task, but it’s recommended to hire experts for serious damages. Besides, you can reach out to a professional company like Storm Xpert for a thorough roof inspection.

Clean Gutters Regularly

Your home’s gutter system plays a significant role, especially during stormy days. It helps direct the rainwater away from your house, preventing potential flooding and structural damage. Hence, ensure to clear out your gutters of leaves, twigs, and debris frequently. A blocked gutter can cause water to back up and splash onto your roof causing damages.

Trim Tree Branches

Pruning trees near your house can prevent mishaps during a storm. Overhanging tree branches could break and fall onto your roof causing extensive damage. Thus, ensure to trim such branches and dispose of the waste promptly. In case a tree is too close to your home, consider hiring professionals to remove it safely.

Secure Loose Items

Check your home exterior for any loose items like garden furniture, decorations, or plant pots that could be blown around by strong winds and cause damage to your property. Secure these items or store them indoors before a storm. It’s also advisable to secure massive outdoor items like air condition units or grills to the ground by bolting them if possible.

Prepare An Emergency Kit

While improving the structural resilience of your home is essential, personal safety should be your primary concern. Make an emergency kit that includes food, water, first-aid materials, medications, flashlights, and extra batteries. Most importantly, always keep essential documents such as insurance cards and identification documents in water-tight containers and in an easily accessible location.

Storm Xpert is here to help you with any further assistance you may need in storm preparedness or roof repair services. Our team of professionals is equipped with the necessary skills and experience to handle all types of storm-related damages. Contact us today for more information.