Debunking Myths about HVAC Maintenance and AC Repair in Oakfield, WI & Fond du Lac, WI

There is no shortage of myths when it comes to HVAC maintenance and AC repair on the market, especially in areas like Rosendale, WI, Oakfield, WI and Fond du Lac, WI. In an effort to clear the air and provide accurate information, we at AirTech Heating are here to debunk some of the most common misconceptions.

The More Frequent the HVAC Maintenance, the Better

One widely held belief is that the more frequent the HVAC maintenance, the longer the system will last. This is partially accurate, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. While it’s true that regular maintenance can help to prolong the lifespan of a system, there is such thing as overkill. Just like any other machine, a HVAC unit can only take so much tweaking and tinkering before it begins to wear out.

A Larger AC System Is Always a Better Option

Another popular myth is that bigger is always better when it comes to AC repair and installation. This belief is based on the misguided idea that a larger AC system will cool your home or office space more efficiently. In truth, oversized AC units can often lead to issues like short cycling, which in turn can lead to decreased lifespan for your unit and increased costs.

Air Filters Don’t Need to Be Replaced That Often

Some believe that an air filter does not need to be replaced very often, especially in places such as North Fond du Lac, WI or Lomira, WI where the air quality could be considered quite high. However, even in areas with high air quality, air filters should be replaced regularly depending on how much they’re being used and depending on the specific air quality in your home or office.

We hope this clears up some of the common misconceptions around HVAC maintenance and AC repair. For reliable service in Eldorado, WI, Oakfield, WI, Fond du Lac, WI and the surrounding areas, always ensure you are working with experienced and knowledgeable HVAC professionals like the team at AirTech Heating.